Welcome to the Montclair Inn!

The Montclair Inn is operated by Montclair Shared Housing Association, a not-for-profit corporation with a broad base of volunteers interested in the development of affordable, dignified housing alternatives. The Inn provides a gracious living environment for 22 single seniors over the age of 62 who meet the prescribed income requirements and who are physically and mentally able to independently manage their daily living activities.

Residents of the Inn enjoy the comfort of a community of peers, three wholesome meals, private bedrooms, and share in the use of charming common areas in a stately historic building. While this gracious old mansion is within walking distance of the colorful Church Street shopping district, the Montclair Art Museum, Luna Stage Theater and the public library, many residents enjoy reading, TV, gardening, music, and other enrichments right at home.

Perhaps best of all for residents is the surprisingly affordable cost. The comfortable lifestyle at the Montclair Inn contributes substantially to increased years of independent living. There are no entrance fees and the reasonable monthly charge includes all meals and amenities.

The Inn is beautifully situated in one of Montclair’s historic residential neighborhoods on a large lot with many old shade trees and flowering shrubs. If you are a senior and you’re looking for a beautiful and professionally maintained community in which to live, you can find it at The Montclair Inn.

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